• Saturday, July 24, 2021

Qosil means "Connected" - as in FREEDOM CONNECT!


This single meaning is the purpose of creating Qosil or "Freedom Connect", to connect Freedom Nation Citizens, their projects and their assets through a digital platform that is made and controlled by us to its core. To discuss the creation of the ideal community without the addition of technology is not just foolish, it's dangerous. Having control over your technological footprint is paramount to our success in creating peaceful and prosperous lives for Black Americans. 

QCloud is a Freedom Nation Service to the Core...

  • Freedom Nation controls every single element of the QCloud to its core.

  • Each server on the rack is the property of the freedom Nation or another Freedom Citizen.

  • No-one has the authorization or access to the physical machines that hold your data but your fellow citizens who have been charged with that duty. 

  • The Freedom Nation maintains a private and secret monitoring facility located outside the US and managed on the ground by Black American staff

  • Your connection to the QCloud is fully encrypted and secure



Because of this, the QCloud is the perfect space for Freedom Citizens to access a secure and encrypted channel to all of the Freedom Nation services and products. It has always been a dream that the Freedom Nation offer its citizens a modern and advanced platform for managing and operating their interest. It is wonderful to know that the platform is now a reality. 

Use the QCloud to:

  • Pay Citizen Dues

  • Host you personal and business web and e-commerce properties

  • Host your next app, business applications or startup

  • Access all exclusive citizen services