• Sunday, November 28, 2021

As of November 27, 2021 all QCloud accounts have been upgraded with the "WordPress Deluxe Toolkit". WordPress is used to as a "Content Management System" or website builder and management tool for over 47% of all the sites on the internet. That is almost 1 billion websites built with this free tool and now it is available to you at a few clicks. You can access the toolkit from your C-Panel once you log into your account from https://my.qosil.cloud

Here are some excellent videos on using the toolkit and about Wordpress:

  1. Introduction to WordPress Toolkit for cPanel - YouTube

Here is a little more information about the features of the WordPress Deluxe Toolkit:


Feature  WordPress Toolkit Deluxe
Customizable Installation
Manage Existing Installations
Website Dashboard
Change Admin Password
Change DB Password
Restore Backups
Manual Updates
1-Click Login
Open DB in phpMyAdmin
Single Site Auto Updates
Search Engine Indexing Management
Automatic Hardening
Password Protection
Maintenance Mode
Debug Management
Plugin & Theme Sets Management
1-Click Hardening
Mass Hardening
Mass Updates
Security Rollback
Smart Updates